Air Plants, Random Assortment

Live Air Plants in Pack of 1,3, or 5

Random selection of air plants. Many are in the Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala species, but it is not guaranteed to be this species. These plants are around 1-3 inch in size. These air plants are a perfect addition to our air plant holders and pots.

🪴 How to care for you air plants

They need water, sunlight, and circulation. To water place in a small tub of water (preferably bottled water) upside down as these plants soak up water through their leaves. Leave submerged for around 20-30 minutes. Then dry upside down until completely dry. You should do this around once a week and mist throughout the week if they need more water. Air plants cannot be submerged in water so be careful to make sure they are dry! They can take either indirect sunlight or fluorescent light.

🪴 Disclaimer

Rot will occur if plant is left wet or sitting on water
These plants are not for potting, they are air plants which are meant to sit in a pot or holder without soil.